The Northeast’s Leading Bakery Ingredient Supplier

We help your business thrive with quality products, competitive pricing, on-time deliveries and superb customer service.

A Tradition of Value

Since 1924, Siegel has prioritized providing exceptional value regarding product availability, competitive pricing for quality bakery ingredients, and superior customer service.

Today, we provide greater value with more products, services, and insights, allowing you to position yourself competitively to succeed.

Ingredients to Inspire

Our ingredients will feed you ideas to grow your business. With 2300+ high-quality products in over 20 categories, Siegel is a one-stop shop for baking manufacturers, distributors, bakeries, restaurants, and institutions. Our complete line of essential baking ingredients, ready-made products, and durable bakery tools and accessories will keep your business stocked and set for increased sales.

What We Do for You

Delivery & Distribution

We know your profit margins depend on how quickly you turn over your bakery products. We’re committed to delivering your orders when you expect them because your success is our success.

Expert Insights

The relationship we form with you goes well beyond supplying great ingredients. The experiences our team has collected through time in the industry allow us to offer guidance and insights to help you plan.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, customer satisfaction is at the top of our list. We have an open-door atmosphere. We’re here for you before, when, and after you use our products and services.

Work Together, Dream Together

Whether you’re a large-scale food manufacturer creating everyday bakery products by the thousands or the owner of a small bakery wanting to move your gourmet goods into more distribution channels, you can count on us and our products to help you grow your business.

Serving: Baking Manufacturers • Distributors • Bakeries • Restaurants • Institutions

Order and Supply Management, Made Easy

We’ve been busy simplifying our process to give you the tools and control you want to run your business. From finding new products to providing insights and innovation, we are here to help your creativity, build efficiencies, and make your decisions easy.