About Siegel

Since 1924, we have been committed to meeting your everyday bakery needs with the highest quality products and exceptional service.

Our mission is to help you thrive and achieve your goals by offering a comprehensive selection of quality ingredients, along with personalized support and guidance. From sourcing the best ingredients to delivering them right to your doorstep, we are your trusted partner in the bakery industry.

We work with B2B customers dedicated to their crafts: baking manufacturers, distributors, bakeries, restaurants, and institutions. We continue to grow our products and services to meet your growing business’s needs. We offer you more than 20 categories of premium products, provide key market insights, and are looking toward the future with innovations that will give you access to information and customized services.

With supply chain disruptions, workforce shortages, and inflated food costs, the bakery industry faces unprecedented obstacles. Today, more than ever, suppliers and bakers must work closely together to turn adversities into opportunities. The way we work together determines the way we succeed.

Our Leadership Team


Alex Holian

Chief Operations Officer

Sabina Jageler


Mike Mistrot

Chief Financial Officer

Scott Murphy

Director of Operations

Joe Walsh

Vice President, Sales & Procurement

Matt Whitney

Chief Executive Officer