You know, and we know, the importance of using high-performance oils. Whether you need oils for baking, frying, or salad dressings, our variety of oils, margarine, and shortenings will help you deliver superior results.


Blend oils are a great way to enhance the flavor and texture of baked goods, salad dressings, and snack foods. The combination of oils offers a more balanced ratio of saturated and unsaturated fats and a higher level of essential fatty acids. Blended oils are also more cost-effective while still maintaining quality.


Whether you need clear canola frying oil, non-GMO expeller canola oil, or canola oil with zero trans-fat, we’ve got oils to meet your needs in varying sizes, from 35# to 55-gallon drums. With its neutral taste and high smoke point, heart-healthy canola oil is a staple for your shelves.


Coconut oil is a highly versatile ingredient that can enhance your product line in various ways due to its distinct flavor and aroma. You can use it as a substitute for butter, to impart a tropical taste to food, or to improve the moisture content in baked goods.


Corn oil is a beneficial ingredient to have on hand. It has a neutral flavor and high smoke point, offers health benefits (it’s low in saturated fats and high in omega-6 fatty acids), is generally less expensive than other oils, and has a long shelf life.


Our high-performance margarine will help you produce great-tasting products and reduce costs. We offer liquid, solid, table-grade, and kosher/pareve margarine.


Food manufacturers use mineral oil for various purposes, including as a lubricant, release agent, and anti-foaming agent. It is an odorless oil, making it a popular choice as a coating for food packaging materials to prevent moisture loss and contamination.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a must-have ingredient for preparing delicious dressings, marinades, sauces, and more, as well as used as a frying oil for low-temperature applications. See our varieties of quality olive oils.


Our organic oil has multiple benefits. It provides a healthier option as compared to conventional oils. It also aids in reducing your environmental footprint. Additionally, it attracts consumers who prioritize eco-friendly products and are willing to pay a premium for organic products.


The many benefits of palm oil make it a great choice for food manufacturers. Use palm oil as a cooking and baking ingredient, an emulsifier, and a stabilizer. Palm oil has a neutral flavor, a high smoke point, and a long shelf life.


With its neutral flavor, high smoke point, and healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, peanut oil is a versatile favorite for manufacturers. From deep frying to baking and preparing salad dressings to sauces, you’ll want to keep your shelves stocked with our exceptional peanut oil.


Create high-quality baked goods with shortening that provides consistency and performance with every use. Our all-purpose shortening is nearly odorless and features a high smoke point.


We offer a variety of soy oils to meet your every need, including organic soy, oleic soy, and Alpine Soy Flex—a zero-grams trans-fat icing shortening usable over a wide temperature range. Use our heart-healthy soy oil for baked goods, dressings, and sauces, as well as for frying higher temperature applications.


With lower levels of trans fats, sunflower oil is an excellent choice for creating products that appeal to health-conscious consumers. It’s excellent for creating dressings, sauces, and fried snacks. Sunflower oil offers a neutral flavor and is often used as a frying oil for higher-temperature applications.