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Catering Products

If you provide catering services, you know that ordering and receiving products for various events can be challenging. Not when you partner with us. Our quality ingredients for food production will inspire you to develop and create products that will enhance your business while providing growth opportunities.

Expert Insights

Everyone on the Siegel Egg Co. team is a thought leader who can provide insights into market conditions, which allow you to position yourself competitively to succeed in your trade area. We also take your expert insights to heart because your feedback and input are vital to the success of our business and yours.

Delivery & Distribution

From supply chain forecasting that helps prioritize products to planning with you, our goal is to ensure supplies are delivered on time. We deliver daily, Monday through Friday, with a distribution and delivery radius of 350 miles and growing. We guarantee next-day delivery, ensuring products are available when you need them.

Customized Customer Service

We value personalized relationships allowing us to tailor customer service to meet your unique needs. When you call us, a real person will answer the phone, listen to your needs or concerns, and take swift action to make your life easier with solid solutions. Each of our customer service team members is proficient in interpersonal […]